How to prevent the frequent hunger?

Food always reminds us its taste and the quantity that we have to consume. But the adverse effect of it is, that we consume an excessive amount of it irrespective of the nutrition. We feel the hunger in addition to the regular times and we pay the attention to it today from 'Menna Weda'
You can find many attractive colored beverages and food items in the marketplace these days. The deposit of sweet excessively in the body makes frequent hunger. It could be prevented by drinking pure water or green tea at least 5 times a day instead of artificial drinks.
Adding cinnamon and consuming vegetables and fruits to your food will help to balance the strength of your body.

You must add the food enriched with fiber at least 20-25g per day as it controls the sugar level and generates the strength. Get your food at the regular times only. Refrain from eating excessive food time to time. If you can't prevent it keep some grams (Peanuts, Plums, etc..) in your bag and eat them.

Apply three aspirin tablets with shampoo on the head and you will definitely thank us when you see the difference

There are so many benefits of aspirin more than a healing headache. Some people use aspirin to prevent cardiac diseases and blood clots as well. You can have a relief from many diseases thankful to the salicylic acid contains in aspirin. You can heal dandruff in addition to healing fever and cold. It is very useful though it seems to be a very simple remedy.

If your head irritates, dries and having white shale in your head apply aspirin with shampoo. Massage the head well and rinse it off.

An application that prevents wrinkles and revises your age 10 years back

We used to apply many artificial ointments found in the marketplace to keep our skin away from aging. But most of the times those chemicals bring you the adverse results. We bring you today a magical application that brings your skin back to 10 years.
It is made out of 100% natural ingredients and you can even use it daily. It is suitable for any kind of skin and it will eradicate the wrinkles from your skin.

1/2 of a plantain
1 yogurt
3 tablespoons of oatmeal (Available at the supermarkets)
1 teaspoon of bee honey
An egg

Add oatmeal to the yogurt and mix it well. Chop the plantain half and add it as well. Finally, add honey and egg and churn it well. Apply the mixture on the face and around the neck. Be attentive of refraining direct sunlight while you apply it. Rinse it off after 20 minutes.
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Do you too use face wash? This caution is for you if it is so

Both male and female use the face wash that could be found in the marketplace frequently. We aware you about some important facts that you must know about these products. According to the experts, these types of face wash are not suitable for your skin.

Women are used to using these applications daily and some of them use it several times a day. It is OK to wash the face several times as we all like to keep fresh and clean. If you use face wash it is advised to use it twice a day as directed by the instructions printed on the table.

There is a natural moisture in our skin. It vaporized naturally and if it becomes excessive, your skin will be dried. Therefore it is very important to protect the moisture from the skin. The sweat glands help to do that. They make the skin oily and protect the skin. But if you wash the face using chemicals they will be washed out.

If it continues, the oiliness will be removed and your skin will be dried. It will make you ugly and you must not use face wash more than the directed frequency.
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Do your neck, elbow and knee become blackened?  There is a 100% successful remedy that could be done at the home

Most of the people suffer from the blackening of their elbow, knee and around the neck. We bring you today a successful method of eradicating the darkness of your skin.
It could be prepared within minutes at your home. It does not irritate the skin nor make any infections as it is made out of natural ingredients.

2 teaspoons of the kernel of a cucumber
Sap of half of a lemon
Half a teaspoon of saffron

Mix them all in a clean pot and apply them on the affected areas of your neck, knee and elbow using a clean piece of cloth. Rinse it off after about 10 minutes. It will definitely bring you 100% better results.

A successful natural way of preventing oily face and healing pimples

The main reason for pimples is the oiliness of the face. We aware you today a successful and a natural remedy which prevents the oiliness and heals pimples. Before you commence the treatment, you have to remove the oiliness of the face.

About 20 leaves of Margosa (Kohomba)
1 teaspoon of Lemon juice

Grind Margosa leaves into a thick paste. Add some lemon juice into it and churn well. Apply the mixture on the face and rinse it off after twenty minutes. You will be able to enjoy the refreshment of the face after the treatment.
The remedy for pimples

2 teaspoons of Chickpea powder
2 teaspoons of Sandalwood powder
1/2 teaspoon of saffron powder
2 teaspoons of milk

Get a clean pot and add milk into it. Add the rest of the ingredients into milk and mix it well. Apply it on the face when it becomes a thick cream. It will remove the oiliness and cure the pimples as well.
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Many people all around the world addict to smoking and it affects your health as well as to the environment. We aware you today about some facts of cigarettes even the smokers don't know. You will be amazed to hear them.
Under-aged are allowed to smoke in some American and European territories but not allowed them to buy cigarettes.
More than 4800 of chemicals are included in a cigarette and 69 of them are carcinogens.
Sometimes you may not know that each and every cigarette that is consumed by you reduces your lifetime by 11 minutes.
One out of five deaths occurred in America caused by the smoking.
69% of smokers need to give up their habit. But as they are addicted, it has become impossible.
15 billion of cigarettes are consumed all over the world per day.
Inhaling the air in the city of Mumbai is equal to smoke 100 cigarettes per day.
The world's first anti-smoke movement is conducted by Hitler.
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