Do you know that drinking water during having the food, interrupts the correct digestion? Therefore it is recommended to drink water at least half an hour before the meals. If it is essential to drink water while the meals, be attentive to have a small sip.

The hydraulic acid in the bowels will be diluted when you drink an excessive amount of water with the meals. It's not needed to elaborate what would happen if hydraulic acid is diluted. It will present the absorption of nutrients and bring you a bulgy tummy.

The best pH level in the bowels is around 1-2. It helps to the fragment of protein and provides a better environment for the digestion.

What is the best time to drink water?
You can drink about 200ml of water as smaller sips during the meals. Don't forget to drink adequate water in between the meals.
If you need to improve your digestive system follow these steps.

1. Eat leisurely
2. Chew the food well.
3. Add bitter and acidic food into your meals
If you follow these good habits they will stimulate the enzymes and improve your digestive system.

Don't wear undergarments when you go to sleep.

This warning is for you if you too wear undergarments when you go to the sleep. It is discovered that the health of the people who sleep with underwear is in bad danger. When you sleep with the undies, the genitals are soaked with sweat and it provides a better environment for the bacteria.
It impacts on men more than women. It will be a reason for infertility.

The American gynecologist Alissa Dwek advises to her patients to go the sleep barely.
When genitals are covered with sweat, it causes many of the yeast and bacterial infections.
Irritations, wounds in the skin and many dermatitis will have occurred. You must be attentive that these symptoms will be severe if you wear them during the menstruation.

There must be an optimal temperature in the genitalia to produce sperm. But as the temperature goes high when you wear undergarments at the night the quality of the sperms will be reduced.

A method that makes any chubby body into a slender one.

We all know that obesity is the main cause for many diseases. People try to reduce the weight by using exercises and controlling diet. We bring you today a magical method that reduces fat quickly.

A banana
An apple
An orange
1 teaspoon of lime juice
0.7 dl (deciliter)

Cut the banana and apple into small pieces and add orange, lime, and water into it. Grind them all in a blender and drink it instead of the main meal of a day. It brings better results by drinking after an exercise like walking, swimming or cycling. Prepare and drink it for magnificent results.

Massage your sole for 10 minutes before the sleep for amazing results

These massage help to boost up metabolism, the correct flowing of perspiring, remove the obesity, boost up the blood circulation and keep the beauty and the health. It helps to maintain your youth as well.

Massaging removes the acids which cause cramps from the body. It helps the digestion and loosing the muscles.

Pressing some exact spots in the sole helps to prevent several diseases and it keeps the organs healthy.
Experts say that this massage must be done every night before the sleep. Better results will be obtained by doing it for 10-15 minutes.

The nerve endings come from several organs of the body are situated in  the soul. Experts consider the sole as a map of the location of organs in the body. Therefore, massaging these spots stimulates the relevant organ. You just have to press the exact spot with your finger.

100% successful method to eradicate the black rings around the eyes

Black rings are visible in most of the people. Black circles are appeared under the eyes due to the exhausting jobs and the insufficient sleep. First, it begins lightly and later the most expensive cosmetic items will not be able to fade it out. But the method that we bring you today will heal this easily.

Get some powdered fresh coffee and add some pepper powder and coconut oil. Mix it on your palm in equal quantity. Add two-three drops of water into it as well.

Apply it around the eye. Do not massage and be attentive to not to apply on the eyelids. Let it dry for 5-10 minutes. It will be absorbed into the skin and wipe it out with a soaked smooth cloth. Do not rub. It will harm your softer skin near the eye. Use a moisturizer if necessary at the end.

The caffeine contained in coffee prevents the clotting of fat and prevent the discoloration. Pepper boosts up the circulation of nutrition and oxygen. Those are higher grade antioxidants. Coconut oil helps to absorb coffee and pepper into the skin.

If you too consume spinach, you will have unbelievable health benefits.

Spinach has a positive effect on hemoglobin level of the blood and it is a divine medicine for anemia too. It effects on brain cells positively too.

The studies reveal that people consume spinach and cauliflower frequently are in better intellectual capabilities than the others. It further reveals that your literacy, lifestyle or gene tendency does not affect.

About 1000 people were analyzed in the study. It is endorsed that the brain of the people who eat green vegetables like spinach is 11 years younger than the others.
The brain cells are reconstructed quickly when you eat spinach.
Therefore, don't forget to add spinach and other green vegetables to your food as well.

A natural prescription to prevent the falling hair and grow it quickly

Both the men and women suffer from the falling hair. It is a mental embarrassment to have the bald. Falling and discoloration occurred due to the chemicals found in the oils that you use. Here we bring a magical secret prescription to prevent hair falling and grow it quickly.

A banana
A tablespoon of bee honey
An egg
Half a cup of beer

Blend all the ingredients and apply on the scalp. Cover it using a polythene bag and wash it off after one or two hours. Use this mixture once a week.